Some recent work I did was shown on PSI (Performance Systems Integration) Facebook page. You can check it out here. Link to article.


I met Jay in 2000 while working on the Kuna road project. I learned early on that he was all business when it came to details as my job was to oversee project construction as well as act as a go between for the contractor and the private property owner. He made sure that all issues in his property agreement were done to the letter. While he could be a bit trying, I liked his unwavering desire to have the work done right.

In almost daily conversations I learned that we had both attended mechanics school at Idaho State University a few years apart but had many of the same instructors. Thank God ! Now we had something to talk about besides where his mailbox should be or how his driveway approach should be shaped.

He had a 58 Chevy short step side sitting in his driveway that I fell in love with and he left it there during the project until I asked him what the story was on the truck. Of course it was for sale. I bought the truck and the rest, as they say is history.

First thing to do was to make the truck stable and stoppable. Enter the master. I took 2 weeks off and spent most of the time at Jay’s shop helping where I could but mostly observing. WOW ! Nit-pick doesn’t even cover how thorough Jay is. There are mechanics and there are craftsman, he being the later. That suspension process was so well orchestrated even to a person with some knowledge and a long time in the trade that I’m still in awe of the end result. The truck never went to the alignment shop which is testimony to how precise this guy is. Testimonial ? Okay. If he says he can, believe it. The price was right and the work was beyond compare.

Ed Seymour


To,  anyone looking to have work done on any  vehicle especially any Tri-5 Chevy Pickup, do yourself a favor and talk to Jay Young first!

I had the misfortune of not knowing this myself when I started working on my 56 Chevy P.U. After heading down the wrong path I was thankfully

Set straight by Jay.

Mr. Young is a no B.S. kind of guy and if you are prepared to check your ego at the door he will give you  some great advise and do some tremendous work on your rig.

I am convinced there is no one better, anywhere at putting these tri-5 P.U.s together.


 Shawn K Davis, Proud owner of a Synergy Green 1956 Chevy Pick Up .  


Testimonial for Jay Young, the best danged truck builder this side of the Paco's.....

Seriously, for those of you pondering the idea or just plain curious about the whole clip thing. Let me give you my story.

I had known Jay for some time when, he and I put together an old patch work dog of a truck. It was really straight and clean, but looked like a rolling calico cat. Stock from the ground up, except for the sbc, a tried and true 305. 

Anyway as time progressed and driving this thing was getting to me. 
Ya'll know what really tight stock truck feels like right?  
It's like um,.....like herding cats!

My wife loved the truck.  We used it for hauling stuff all over the place, but she didn't like to drive it cause it was manual steering and liked to wander. She affectionally called it her "Gardening truck". 

I am gonna make a side note here and say that I have worked with Jay on more than a few of these old trucks and I have seen him do the clips through spots and different stages. I too, like many thought a clip job was just a few cuts and tacks and the thing was in. How hard could it be? Why the high cost? WTF?

I was soon to find out. 

We struck a deal and I ended up in some sweat equity helping the clip job on the gardening truck. Lets just say to be fair, I held the dumb end of the tape measure and watched alot. I got to do most of the greasy tear down stuff, and hunting around for needed parts. Laying on my back in the scrap yard or salvage yard, yanking things to keep the cost down. Usually the job he does when making one for a REAL customer.

Let me tell you this. I can testify that I literally saw him pull the trigger on the mig welder for 21 hours. NO exaggeration. 21 hours of spilling hot molten metal into small, perfectly aligned places. 1 full spool was used and a tank of welding gas. I lost count of how many cut off wheels and floppy grinding wheels were used. 

I can also testify that the truck fit better than it did before, which was really good cause it had nice choice parts and the alignment was good for a stocker.

In the end I ended up with a truck that drove like a car, but still was a truck to haul every thing we needed it to just like before. 

The crowning glory of this whole mess was when my wife asked if she could drive her truck to work everyday instead of her Grand Cherokee. I said "no way!" because I wanted to drive it all the time. I lost out to her pretty smile.

Here is a link to a web site and forum dedicated to old jalopies. This link is to the thread about this very topic. Jay's stuff is mentioned here along with all the questions you would ever have and the many different ways to "skin a cat". 


Best advice I can give, is not to take anyone's word for his work. Go drive one of his trucks, they will speak for him better than anyone can.

THANKS JAY!!!!!!! Brant


I spent a number of years arguing with Jay about whether or not to have him install a Camaro clip in my 57.  I was very close to going it on my own, and had done a lot of research, and was pretty firm on how I wanted to accomplish the task.  I had the money saved, but kept hesitating.  Finally I drove his pickup, thought some more about it, and finally took it to him.  I have never thought I made a bad decision.  Mine was number 24, and it worked perfectly from the first day I got the truck back on the road.  The speedometer was bad for awhile, so I estimate I have driven it about 15 to 20 thousand so far with no problems.  Have not yet had an alignment, and don’t see any reason to get one.  Any other work Jay has done, such as body panel alignment, and advice on various products I have needed, has been great.  He has done enough of these that he has seen most problems that will occur, and knows how to correct them.  I would certainly have him install another clip for me if I ever build another pickup.  I have recommended him to several people, and do recommend his work.



During my research to do a frame off restoration on my 1956 Chevy pickup I came upon and ad from Jay. I called him and asked a lot of questions on how he did the work and how many trucks that he had completed,I was very happy to hear of all of the pickups that he had previously completed. Jay is very knowledgeable on how to properly build and complete these projects not to mention that he loves these old pickups whether it be an old Chevy or an old GMC pickup. I could tell by talking to him that he had a passion for these classic old trucks and tries every way possible to please his customers.
         Jay and his wife Donna both were very friendly and helpful in making this part of the build painless, plus they truly enjoy bringing a smile to your face. Jay has lots of other tricks up his sleeve to enhance your build,I highly recommend Jay for anybody that has a project pickup that they have dreamed about.

Hank Godwin


Jay at Jay's Classic has done a superb job on helping me fix and maintain my 1956 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pick-up. He has helped me align my door so they open as nice as my new truck, also fixed my rusted out hinge pockets. We have straightened out my fenders to match the doors, changed front axel's, change gears in the rear end, and re-hung the front clip to match the cab. I highly reccomend his ability and knowledge of making your 55 thru 59 a dream ride.

Dave D. and Ole Blue


1. Very nice stance
2. Drives straight
3. Handles very good
4. One finger steering
5. Stop goods

My wife and I are very please with the workmanship.  She can drive it with ease now - if I let her have the keys. (Ha!)

I have gotten more thumbs up in the last two weeks than I ever got in thirteen previous years.

Jim Farnham #46 out of the Jay's shop (6/7/2012)


I bought my 1956 chevy 3200 pickup in the fall of 1969 with a very bad engine in it. I rebuilt an old 283 SB and ran it for a few years and then installed a HP 327. I drove the truck till 1993 accumulating over 250000 miles on the truck. During this time I had the engine rebuilt, installed a turbo 350 auto, cruise control, a/c, tilt column  and a power steering unit from a 56 GMC carry all ( suburban ) and had the truck repainted inside and out. The power steering helped a lot but the truck still rode like a truck. When I  started thinking about rebuilding my truck Jay said I should install a Camaro front clip in it. Being kind of a purist I drug my feet because I had seen some of these done by other people years ago. They looked like it was done on a Saturday afternoon and did not look safe enough to drive to the corner store and back. After riding in Jay's GMC and getting to drive it and the quality of work I saw I was sold. I looked into Heidts and TCI and decided on a 1981 trans Am front clip that Jay had for a number of reasons, two of which was GM had spent a lot more money on their design than the after market units had and you can get parts for them anyplace. Jay's work looks like the truck came from the factory with the new clip when he is done with it. My truck is number 40 that Jay has done. I'm looking forward to driving the old truck again when I get it done. So if you are thinking of installing a new front suspension in your old pickup save yourself a lot of trouble and have jay do it. Because he knows all the angles and measurements to do the job right and make it work like it should. You will be happy with the job.
E Brice

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